Now There’s An Even Lighter and Sportier GT4 Clubsport. The MR Version

Porsche Cayman GT4 MR Introduced To Meet World-Wide GT4 Regulations.

Although the name belies the implication that the new Porsche Cayman GT4 fits the GT4 world-wide series regulations, it doesn’t.  As more and more series orient their rules structures to the GT3 & GT4 rules and standardize on them, car manufacturers are also starting to produce not just factory race cars, but cars that align to those rules from the factory.  When introduced this year, the new Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport did not meet the standard GT4 rules.  Customer success, and interest in the GT4 type series has been noted, and Porsche has now responded with an upgrade kit for the current Cayman GT4 that will better align the car with the world-wide GT4 rules.

The new Cayman GT4 MR upgrade kit was introduced by Porsche at SPA the weekend of July 30-31, 2016.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport is now eligible for GT4 competition worldwide, via an upgrade kit.

Manthey Racing presented the Porsche GT4 Clubsport MR, which puts the car into full SRO GT4 compliance, while offering an “attractive price-performance ratio,” according to the German manufacturer.

The upgrade kit, developed by the Porsche-owned team, includes new carbon fiber doors and hood, a polycarbonate windshield and optional lightweight battery, which reduces the vehicle weight by 40kg.

A two-way adjustable race suspension kit and adjustable sway bar has also been developed, along with a larger rear wing and extended wing brackets.

The car and upgrade kit will be distributed exclusively by Porsche Motorsport North America in the North American market and will be eligible for competition in both the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge GS class and Pirelli World Challenge GTS category.

“We welcome the updated Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport package into our offerings for motorsport customers in North America,” said Porsche Motorsport North America President Jens Walther.

“Customer racing is the structure on which all sports car racing is built, and as the GT3 and ACO classes become more manufacturer-oriented, the GT4 category provides a more attainable entry point to compete in sports car racing.”

Cayman GT4 Clubsports currently competing in Continental Tire Challenge are expected to continue to be eligible this year, although IMSA is poised to adopt full GT4 regulations to the class for next year.